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During my last meeting with Bill and Cherie, I was alerted to a new “speed bump”. I would also call this a “project”, as I usually do better with any type of project, once I set my mind to it.

This is going to sound trivial… and those of you who know me best, please refrain from calling me to yell at me about this. Bill wants me to APPLY for a placement with LI. For the record, I’m okay with this. But that little voice in the back of my head is starting to yell not so nice things at me. I can’t help but be reminded of all of the paperwork and the two interviews that I had with Oasis. After having dusted myself off, when they dropped me like a hot potato, I gained my perspective back. I need to remind myself, that this is barely a speedbump.

Today, Ed spoke about Mother Teresa. We heard the story of how she was being called by God to go to Calcutta, but The Church kept telling her ‘no’. She wrote letters and met with people for years before she got the ‘go ahead’ and finally made it to Calcutta. I’m not comparing myself to Mother Teresa… because that would make me insane. But, I do believe that you have to fight off all of the “no’s” and “not yet’s” that come your way when you believe that you are truely following a destiny. I know that I have found my place in this world, and now I just have to learn how to be patient until I get there.


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