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14 months of planning. The time has come!! After a meeting with Bill and Cherie the other day, the decision has been made. I will be leaving for Guatemala in January 2010. Holy crap!!

A friend from church stopped me today.

Him: “So, January. Huh? That’s amazing!”

Me: “Thanks, I’m really excited about it, but also kind of overwhelmed. I have so much to do.”

Him: “So what exactly is your title”.

Me: “I don’t know. When I stared planning all of this I was calling myself a ‘social justice missionary’.”

Him: “So, you’re a missionary.”

Me: “Well, yeah. Kinda, but not really.

Him: “Dude… You’re a missionary.”

Me: “Yeah… I guess I am.”

So many people have asked what kind of work I would be doing in Guatemala. Well, I will be working with an amazing team of people in the schools in the La Limonada ghetto. I don’t know what my exact job will be. I’m willing to do whatever assignment is given to me. Given the chance, I would love to have the opportunity to work on a project to empower the women of the ghetto.

Fund-raising is going quite well, which kind of surprises me. This is the thing that has been worrying me from the very beginning. I have had such amazing people wanting to support me and talk about what I will be doing when I leave. SO… If you want to learn more about Lemonade International, and about what we do in the La Limonada ghetto, please visit www.lemonadeinternational.org.

If you would to support my mission to Guatemala, click on donate. Under ‘Gift Information’, click on your donation preference and then on my name. If my name hasn’t been added to the roster yet, just put Kerry Smith in the ‘comments’ box.

More to come… MUCH MUCH MUCH more to come!!


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