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In the midst of rainy season here in Guatemala, we found nothing unusual about hearing the sound of rain hitting our roof and windows here at the Lemonade House. However, Donnie received a phone call from a friend telling us that we were not actually hearing rain outside our windows last night. We ran outside to see that it was actually raining black sand. Yes… BLACK SAND!! We played in it like it was snow… running up and down the street (Rebecca), taking pictures from under the umbrella (Rebecca and I), trying to collect it in styrofoam cups (Donnie). Cars drove up and down the street slowly, as if they might slide on what could easily be mistaken as black ice.

This morning, it reminded me of living in North Carolina after it snows an inch or two. Cars are still driving abnormally cautiously up and down our street. The schools in La Limonada are closed today. The airport in Guatemala City is closed until further notice. I have yet to hear the guy up the street announcing that the bus heading to “centro” has arrived. Two of our friends showed up at the house this morning by taxi, claiming that some of the busses are still running, but not many. I can’t hear the traffic on the main road that I usually listen for when I drink my coffee in the mornings.

There’s a smell in the air this morning… it’s a cross between the coals on a grill getting warm and the smell right before it rains. The city seems to have slowed down. There’s an uncomfortable peace this morning. The house is abnormally quiet for 11 am. Outside you can hear the scraping of shovels, removing the sand from sidewalks and rooftops. I hear crunching under people’s feet as they walk down the road. It’s just started raining. It’s a beautiful day in Guatemala.


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Visiting Home

Elaine shows off her new Limonada shirt

I got back to Raleigh late on Saturday night. I got up yesterday morning and headed out to Evergreen to see the fam. I was greeted with squealing and hugs. I was so happy to see everyone. I was so great to know how loved I am. I got to spend the afternoon with my amazing friends, Elaine and Dale. We had mock mojitos and chocolate silk pie. 

Today, I was on a mission to find shoes for Noami… one of the girls in the ghetto who is having foot problems. Noami is constantly tripping on her own feet, resulting in many injuries. Thanks to Mobley’s shoes, Noami has a new pair of tennis shoes, which will have to be worn on the wrong feet when she gets them to help correct the problems that are developing. Corrective shoes are simply too expensive in Guatemala, and unfortunately, not much cheaper in the States. 

Another mission of mine for this week was to buy some clothes. All of my clothes that I brought to Guatemala are too big, since I have lost about 25 lbs. since I moved down in January. My guilty conscience is in overdrive right now from having to spend money on clothing. While Ashley (my sister-in-law) and I were walking through Target today, we cruised through the shoe department. I had a flashback to how many pairs of shoes I used to own… and excess of 60 pair. My shoes were a casualty of the purging of my life two years ago, along with my car and pets. The shoes were just as hard to part with as the rest of my stuff. I then started to realized how much we have that we really don’t need. 

The best part of my trip so far?? Kassidy!!! I have been bombarded with hugs and lovin’ since I got here… and I’m loving every minute of it. 
More to come. 

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