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In the last few weeks of being in the States I realized how much I have grown in the last year. Good stuff. However, I also realized that I was not taking care of myself at all which, in turn, has burned me out. So this year, I am going to make an effort to take care of myself in all aspects of my life.

Physically: I’m lazy. I’m not going to sugar coat it because I will want to lick the sugar. This year I am going to make a conscious effort to exercise three days a week. I won’t commit to more because I know myself, and that just won’t work. What I will be doing, I’m not sure.

Emotionally: I know exactly who I am… an emotional mess. When I don’t deal with my emotions in the right way, I completely shut down. This is not good. So when I have an emotion, I will express it appropriately.

Spiritually: I was not good to myself spiritually last year. This year I have a group of people who I will be communicating with constantly to keep me on track. This will also be helpful to discuss the goings-on of Guate life with non-Guate life people.

Spanish: My lovely roommate, Rebecca, offered to help me with my Spanish last year… but I declined. She has agreed again to help me. So I will be setting aside time with her to do this.

Knitting: I will no longer be carting tons of yarn across the border. The other day I donated a very large garbage bag full of yarn to Goodwill. I have decided that I will only be keeping yarn for projects that I am currently working on. Right now, that would be four projects between now and June when I return home for a visit.

Stuff: I don’t need stuff. When I left Guate in November, I only had the clothes on my back and my computer. I came home with a bunch of stuff, filling two duffel bags. I didn’t realize how much clothing I had left behind in Guate. So, this week I will be cleaning out my closet and bringing a bunch of clothing to the ghetto for the folks there to pick through.

Friends: I have them… I plan to spend more time with them here, even if I have to get on a bus to do it.

Space: I will be taking time this year to have for myself. This may mean leaving the house for a day or two and going on a tiny vacation somewhere.

Blogging: Several people have told me that I am not blogging enough anymore… I promise to work on that.

Stay tuned.


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