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My Year In Photos

Sounds lame, but I have been sick in bed for about three days now. I decided this morning that I wanted to share part of my life over the past year by showing all of the photos that I have taken and never posted. So, I hope you enjoy them… because I have really enjoyed compiling them for you.


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Front page news…


Admittedly, I have been naive to the goings-on of stuff in the States. I prefer to focus my mind and soul on the goings-on here in Guatemala. I have all that I can think of and emotionally deal with here in my work and home.

However, with the glory of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Yahoo News, CNN News, Fox News, and every other news source on the planet, this was not something that I was going to be able to ignore. Facebooks is a nonstop stream of celebration today over the death of an evil man. I remember the same reaction from the world after Saddam Husein was captured and killed. The world is, in fact, a better place without the Osamas, Saddams, and Hitlers in it. But is this a cause to celebrate? Keep in mind, we have just killed another human being. Some will say that he has been punished for his crimes. But the fact is that this man will never face criminal charges for what he has done to the world. In fact, buy killing him in this manner, we may have just martyred him.

Bin Laden was a hero in the jihad commuity. He’s claimed to be a religious man, who only has the best interest at heart for his followers. His death doesn’t shut anything down. CNN News has posted seven questions that will be important in the days after the death of bin Laden… you can read them here. The most interesting of these questions to me is “Can you kill a symbol?” The answer: “Men die, symbols don’t.” This is a fact.

Let’s take the evil of this… let’s use Michael Jackson, for example. Michael Jackson is the ‘King of Pop’. We know that Jackson had his problems, we know of his crimes against children. Does that make us not listen to his music? When “Thriller” comes on the radio we still reminisce about the first time we saw the video, or about having seen the Philipino prisoners dancing out the song on youtube, which you can watch here. Jackson’s music will always remain a part of our generation, though his crimes were horrible. Jackson is a symbol… symbols don’t die.

My thoughts also go to the thousands of victims of Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Sudan. Kony is accused of kidnapping, brainwashing, and turning thousands of children into soldiers used  to torment men, women, and children all over the Sudan. Kony is reported saying, “I am not the devil, but a human being.” Joseph Kony claims to be a very religious man.

Some would beg to differ. I would beg to differ.

How any one person can possess so much evil and hatred for the world at large is not something that we as human beings with souls and consciences are meant to understand. I’m convinced of this… and as someone who doesn’t understand this hatred, I don’t feel that it’s my place to celebrate this death.

I’m sorry world… but I can not in good conscience celebrate the death of another human being. Maybe it’s the hippie in me. Maybe I just have a big heart. Maybe I have seen the aftermath of too many families broken apart by death, hatred, shootings, drunkeness, abuse, etc. But I can’t do it. Some would argue that this man was ‘less than human’, to be able to commit such crimes. I believe that these men have no souls, as a person with a soul could never foster such hatred for others.

NOTE: Know that I am not discrediting the pain and suffering that the families of the victims have had to deal with… I also have the upmost respect for the men and woman who have dedicated their lives to serving in the military. This is in no way a means of discrediting their efforts…  this is just my opinion.

‘As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live…’ Ezekiel 33:11

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