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I wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone of what’s happening here in Guatemala. Our new Lemonade House (located just 5 houses away from our old house) has been without internet. If we are lucky, and sit very still in just one location, we can snatch the occasional signal from Tita’s house. But this is a rare thing and I’m coping with having limited internet access. Basically, I’m getting lots of reading and knitting done. 

Big changes have been happening here in the house and in La Limonada. We started going back to the ghetto the second week of January to find big changes. New buildings and houses erected, the kids all seem to have gotten a foot taller in the two months that I have been gone, and we have lots of changes going on in the schools this year. Everything has been a flurry of activity.

I was happy to get back to teaching this week… it feels like I have waited forever to get back to the kids. I love walking in the ghetto to find the kids and families recognizing that the school is up and running again after the holiday break. We started visiting families this week again, and its like we are celebrities for the community. We can’t go anywhere in La Limonada without kids running to us with hugs or finding that you have a new child climbing on your back when you turn around. Classes went pretty smoothly this week for me, and my kids seem eager to get to learn some more english to share with the visiting gringos this year. Some of the kids have already asked me if their ‘padrinos’ (sponsor) will be visiting them this year. To this I have to tell them that I don’t know and that we should pray for this.

A quick update on my little Lidia… she’s not so little anymore. I came back to from the States to find that she has grown at least four inches and looks more like a young woman than a little girl. Her smile is contagious and she has really come out of her shell. During class this week, she was super excited to share that she knew the answers to some of the questions that I asked in english. That just makes me so happy. I spoke with her mother and grandmother this week to tell them how much she has changed in the last  year. They thanked me for opening my heart to her. In reality, Lidia is the one who has opened her heart to me. She is a beautiful and intelligent little girl and I truly treasure her friendship.

More good stuff happening… My roommate, Donnie is getting married in Nicaragua next month to the lovely Eva. We will be traveling down to Nicaragua for his wedding on March 5th. Please keep Donnie and Eva in your thoughts and prayers for this happy occasion.

More to come…


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Two Month Vacay

I do NOT miss working at an office job.

I get to do so many things that I couldn’t do if I had an office job. I have been filling my days with visiting family and friends. I have been spending a sickly amount of time with my sister-in-law, Ashley… one of my favorite people on the planet, and mother to my absolute favorite person on the planet. Ash and I have been spending lots of time together, which is superfun for me. I’m getting to spend extra time with Kass too… which she doesn’t love as much as I do, but probably because she’s three and a half years old.

I have been making a little extra money by babysitting and cleaning a few houses here and there. Just for the record, I hate cleaning. But it felt amazing to have a task that there was an end to… and feeling good about your work. I never got this feeling at my office job.

I have been able to spend a lot of time alone… one of the things that I love doing most. I have been able to relax in coffee shops in Raleigh and Wake Forest with my knitting and the Harry Potter books (I just started reading them, I’m on the third one and love it).

I have been able to visit the mountains of NC… especially Asheville. I plan to do this again before heading home to Guate the first week of January.

Fundraising is going okay so far. Still have more to do and have set myself up with a work schedule for next week. I have to start cracking down… just three weeks to go before I head home.

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Visiting Home

Elaine shows off her new Limonada shirt

I got back to Raleigh late on Saturday night. I got up yesterday morning and headed out to Evergreen to see the fam. I was greeted with squealing and hugs. I was so happy to see everyone. I was so great to know how loved I am. I got to spend the afternoon with my amazing friends, Elaine and Dale. We had mock mojitos and chocolate silk pie. 

Today, I was on a mission to find shoes for Noami… one of the girls in the ghetto who is having foot problems. Noami is constantly tripping on her own feet, resulting in many injuries. Thanks to Mobley’s shoes, Noami has a new pair of tennis shoes, which will have to be worn on the wrong feet when she gets them to help correct the problems that are developing. Corrective shoes are simply too expensive in Guatemala, and unfortunately, not much cheaper in the States. 

Another mission of mine for this week was to buy some clothes. All of my clothes that I brought to Guatemala are too big, since I have lost about 25 lbs. since I moved down in January. My guilty conscience is in overdrive right now from having to spend money on clothing. While Ashley (my sister-in-law) and I were walking through Target today, we cruised through the shoe department. I had a flashback to how many pairs of shoes I used to own… and excess of 60 pair. My shoes were a casualty of the purging of my life two years ago, along with my car and pets. The shoes were just as hard to part with as the rest of my stuff. I then started to realized how much we have that we really don’t need. 

The best part of my trip so far?? Kassidy!!! I have been bombarded with hugs and lovin’ since I got here… and I’m loving every minute of it. 
More to come. 

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